HearseCon 2015, Westminster, CO

HearseCon 2015 – it’s not a cemetery, but hearses help populate the cemeteries!


Cemetery in Gaithersburg, MD

Is this the Grace United Methodist Church cemetery? I don’t know. I was so excited when I moved to Gaithersburg that there was a cemetery within walking distance. Plus, I knew the roads because I knew how to get to the Rockville Cemetery. On the particular walk in which I visited this cemetery, and 75…

St Mary’s Cemetery, Alexandria, VA

Happy 2012! Finally made it to this cemetery, after an unsuccessful attempt last summer. I wasn’t a fan of the church’s mass offerings (super conservative! Stripey tights were not the way to go!), but I thought their cemetery merited further investigation. Clicky for pictures. Save your Dr. Who jokes. Really. These are not the angels…

Newton Cemetery, Newton, New Jersey

As you may or may not be able to tell, I am writing this post almost four years after I went to Newton Cemetery.  I went up to the DMV in Newton while home on winter break to get my “you’re legal” 21-year-old, horizontal format, New Jersey drivers license. Figured I’d get in my Artist’s…

Pluckemin Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Pluckemin, NJ

In a series of cemeteries near Route 206 in New Jersey, here’s the first: Pluckemin. Not only notable because of the funny-sounding name, the cemetery contains the remains of settlers from ye olde New Jersey. Clicky for pictures.

Princeton Cemetery, Princeton, NJ

Visiting the Princeton Cemetery was part of my afternoon walk one day after class. Many Princeton University buildings were named after people who were buried here. I just thought this sticker was creepy. Clicky for pictures.

Alexandria National Cemetery, Alexandria, VA

Alexandria National Cemetery is different from Arlington National Cemetery, just FYI. Alexandria’s cemetery is a much smaller affair than Arlington’s. I cleaned a container that held blueberry pie before I went, hence the pie hands. The cemetery caught my eye after leaving Whole Foods one day, and I held it in mind as a place to visit. Clicky…