First Presbyterian Church of Sparta Cemetery, Sparta, NJ

I lived in New Jersey for for almost sixteen years before I moved to the DC area. I went to the First Presbyterian Church once with my friend Liz in 2003(?).  I attended the Institute for Spiritual Development once during my metaphysical church attendance phase/spurt/when it was convenient to attend metachurch in 2011-2012.  I started…

Catching up, Winding down | St Paul’s Cemetery & Harlingen Reformed Church

Greetings, Long time, no blog!  I let three weeks of finals, comprehensives, and Wikipedia prevent me from spelunking.  A week ago, I ate supper in the St. Paul’s Catholic Church Cemetery in Princeton, New Jersey two evenings after work. On Friday, I intended to explore another cemetery along Route 206–the Harlingen Reformed Church Cemetery–but it…

Blawenburg Reformed Church Cemetery

Dark greetings, readers, I escaped the rain on this one.  It seems that more often than not, I have explored cemeteries in the rain (hence the spelunking…rotting wooden coffins create dips which means standing water). Thesis is now available for reading; email me if you want to read a copy. That being said, I’m now in…

Newton Cemetery, Newton, New Jersey

As you may or may not be able to tell, I am writing this post almost four years after I went to Newton Cemetery.  I went up to the DMV in Newton while home on winter break to get my “you’re legal” 21-year-old, horizontal format, New Jersey drivers license. Figured I’d get in my Artist’s…

Princessville Cemetery (Brearley House), Lawrenceville, NJ

Ah, the beginning of senior year winter break! With all the essays to write! In an act of procrastinatory defiance, I visited a cemetery first, one I had driven past many a time while driving to and from Princeton University from the south. Clicky for pictures.

Pluckemin Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Pluckemin, NJ

In a series of cemeteries near Route 206 in New Jersey, here’s the first: Pluckemin. Not only notable because of the funny-sounding name, the cemetery contains the remains of settlers from ye olde New Jersey. Clicky for pictures.

Princeton Cemetery, Princeton, NJ

Visiting the Princeton Cemetery was part of my afternoon walk one day after class. Many Princeton University buildings were named after people who were buried here. I just thought this sticker was creepy. Clicky for pictures.