Hannah Dustin Massacre Site, Boscawen, New Hampshire


Much like the Cozens Family Shrine, I can’t not see this statue from US-4 in Boscawen, New Hampshire, at the confluence of the Contoocook and Merrimack Rivers.  This is the first time I’ve knowingly been to an “Indian burial ground,” i.e., Native American massacre site.

hannah dustin | cemetery spelunking

According to legend, Dustin, her infant, her neighbour Mary Neff, and a young boy named Samual Lennardson were captured by Native Americans of the Abenaki tribe (does anyone want to fill in the blanks about why the Abenaki attacked?).  One night on the march toward Canada, after the Abenaki killed the infant, Dustin, Neff, and Lennardson attacked their captors.  They scalped the ten out of 12 Native Americans they killed, to collect the scalp bounty.  A statue memorializes the massacre site in Boscawen.


Personally, in all my cemetery travels, I have not seen a weirder inscription.



15 1697 30

The War Whoop Tomahawk

Faggot & Infanticides

Were at Haverhill

The Ashes of

Wigwam-Camp-Fires at Night

& of Ten of the Tribe

Are here


The use of “faggot” as a pejorative term for effeminate men dates back to the late 16th century.


David Blanchard is the sculptor.


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  1. veenessar says:

    Hey there! I loved reading this, morbid fascination and all that. I don’t know what US-4 (and US-40 in the linked post) means, can you please enlighten me? I imagine it’s a US term I’m just not familiar with, being from the UK 😅 x


    1. undeadq says:

      Hi, Vee! Happy 2019! Highways with the prefix “US-” in the States are part of the United States Numbered Highway System (called US Routes or US Highways), which was constructed mostly prior to 1956, when the Interstate highway became the primary highway system. Interstate highways have the prefix “I-” for “interstate” and generally have higher traffic volume than US Routes. (That’s the general rule, but I’ve driven on some pretty desolate stretches of interstate highway in the desert in the western US, and US-40 is the main road to get to some ski resorts in the Rocky Mountains.) As far as I can tell, interstate highways in the US are similar to the M roads/motorways and A roads in the UK, and US-# roads are similar to the B roads. So, US-4 and US-40 are both part of the US Routes system and are older roads (compared to nearby interstate highways). I didn’t think about it until I wrote the post about the Hannah Dustin memorial, that these two off-the-beaten-path sites are by these kinds of highways.


      1. veenessar says:

        Ahh thank you, that makes total sense and I’ve learned something new today 😀 👍


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