Saint Cuthbert Church Cemetery; Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Ah, Edinburgh.

edinburgh scotland UK | cemetery spelunking

Not!  Are you kidding me?!  Since the GBP was down compared to the USD, we visited Scotland last November, and it seemed like everyone and their brother was also visiting.  I visit cemeteries to avoid crowds (shout out to my second cousin who does this on his travels, too).

This cemetery, however, wasn’t totally unoccupied.  Homeless people evidently sleep there at night…and also shoot up heroin and use the loo in some of the tombs.  Saint Cuthbert Cemetery has some of the most amazing, macabre architecture I’ve seen yet, and also has some of the worst upkeep I’ve seen in a cemetery attached to an active church.

Viz., exploding limestone monuments:

st cuthbert edinburgh scotland | cemetery spelunking

Viz., evidence of drug use:

saint cuthbert patron saint of junkies edinburgh scotland uk | cemetery spelunkingLast I checked, Saint Cuthbert is the patron saint of Northumbria, not of junkies.

Viz., graffiti:

saint cuthbert graffiti | cemetery spelunking

Look, I know criminalizing homelessness is not the answer, churches are dividing their funds to a myriad of social causes, and who knows who is really messing up this cemetery.  I mean, who cares, it’s just dead people.  It’s not like they talk back…

"Remember you must die."
“Remember you must die.”

No, but if cemeteries aren’t maintained, how do we know who lived where, what they did, how they died, what plagues happened, soldiers went to war, etc.?  Paper records can be damaged by fire and water, but stone records are a tiny bit more durable (unless they are exploding limestone or soft marble).

saint cuthbert edinburgh scotland UK | cemetery spelunking

Clicky for pictures.

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