Catching up, Winding down | St Paul’s Cemetery & Harlingen Reformed Church


Long time, no blog!  I let three weeks of finals, comprehensives, and Wikipedia prevent me from spelunking.  A week ago, I ate supper in the St. Paul’s Catholic Church Cemetery in Princeton, New Jersey two evenings after work. On Friday, I intended to explore another cemetery along Route 206–the Harlingen Reformed Church Cemetery–but it was being mowed in preparation for Memorial Day!  Memorial Day is one of the few days in the States where cemeteries receive much public notice.



Also, my dear cousin Mike sent me a picture when he was in Boston a week ago:


Happy Memorial Day,


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  1. Ann says:

    Looks like good eating in a peaceful spot. Well, not as peaceful as some more remote cemeteries would be. Well, at Princeton Cemetery you can muse on both life (outside the fence) and death (under your feet). Eating there puts you firmly on the life side.


  2. Vicki says:

    The fence at the Harlingen Reformed makes a strong statement don’t you think? Seems one would think twice about entering…or is it to keep them from leaving?


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