Blawenburg Reformed Church Cemetery

Dark greetings, readers,

I escaped the rain on this one.  It seems that more often than not, I have explored cemeteries in the rain (hence the spelunking…rotting wooden coffins create dips which means standing water).

Blawenburg Reformed Church Cemetery | Cemetery Spelunking

Thesis is now available for reading; email me if you want to read a copy.

That being said, I’m now in senioritis mode, and I stopped at the Blawenburg Reformed Church Cemetery in Blawenburg, NJ on the way home from school on Thursday.  I ate supper in the cemetery since I left after class at 4:30; what I ate wasn’t terribly exciting since it was mostly leftovers.  I bet there’s some superstition warning against eating in graveyards, but since I’ve yet to turn into a vampire or zombie, I think I’m OK.  I noticed my tea falling over, but I didn’t want to share with the person (semantics?) behind whose stone I was sitting.

I just got derailed by reading the “Texts from Hillary” meme.  That’s frickin’ hilarious.  I’m sure that pun has been made before.

Cemetery Spelunking

Alright, the pics, only five days after the visit.  I’m improving my turnaround time.

Photoset on Flickr

Lemme tell you how annoying it is to click outside of the photo-editing window on WordPress and lose all your changes.  Veeeery annoying!

Until next time,


P.S. I haven’t been turned into a zombie (yet), but on Saturday morning, I woke up screaming from a dream about two half-decayed zombie deer in my backyard that were about to bite me.  All I had to defend myself was a copy of Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat.  What a nightmare!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. lsmoore says:

    Thanks for sharing this. It looks like it was a nice wander…except for the moldy cookie part.


    1. undeadq says:

      Thanks for reading! It was a nice wander; I’m really looking forward to visiting more cemeteries now that the weather’s nicer.


  2. andyo1976 says:

    You have been busy! great shots. I love taking photo’s in my local cemetery in England. I saw your caption about Nuns etc, where they are buried! At the top of my road, there used to be a victorian convent, nuns where buried in the grounds. The convent sold too developers and the nuns where re-planted in Hove cemetery. I will grab a shot of their stone and post it soon…
    Andy O.


  3. undeadq says:

    Thanks for reading! I’d be interested in a shot of a nun’s gravestone if you’re willing to take and share one.



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