Ball’s Bluff National Cemetery, Leesburg, VA

Dear ones,

Good frickin’ goth, I have sat on these photos for over two weeks (and the mud’s still not come off my skelly boots).  Terribly sorry.  My thesis is at the binder’s, so I have no excuses for neglecting creative work.

After an acquaintance described Leesburg to me, I figured it might be a fun day-trip for the last weekend of spring break.  Sure enough, there was a cemetery, part of a Civil War battlefield, no less.

So I finally got up to Rockville to check out Pangea: white chocolate chips, sweetened condensed soymilk, and ricemallow fluff.  I foresee veganizing and de-glutenizing Miceli brownies.

The Flickr thing is not working out for me (200 image/month limit).  Let’s try directly uploading images.  I may impose a maximum of 150 pictures for each trip.  That is, I’ll take as many pics as I darn well please, but I’ll only post 150 at most.  If you want to see more, leave a comment, and we’ll chat.

This is why my boots are still muddy, two weeks later.
This is why my boots are still muddy, two weeks later.

Ball's Bluff | Cemetery Spelunking

Edit: View the entire photoset on Flickr.

WordPress has proven klunky as well.  We’ll give GIMP a whirl sometime soon.

Up past my bedtime.


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