Rockville Cemetery, Rockville, MD

Dear ones,

Welcome to the new site for Q’s cemetery explorations.  Walk with me (or lurch like a zombie!) as I explore cemeteries in the D.C. metro area and along Route 206 in New Jersey.

I left the house too late to make it to Pangea Vegan Store before it closed, and since I haven’t visited a cemetery in a while, I figured I’d check out at least one during my spring break.


When life hands you lemons, go to a cemetery. You’ll feel better in no time.

I noticed there’s a Chippy (that’s Jamz’s shorthand for “Chipotle Mexican Grill,” in case you didn’t know) in one of the strip malls in Rockville.  I foresee enjoying a burrito bowl in the cemetery before exploring the historical section.

Let’s see how this WordPress + Flickr thing works  out. [Update 26 June 2014: it didn’t. Update 14 Nov 2014: It did, when Flickr changed its ways.]  I’m testing out other forms of media uploading, as well.  Suggestions?  Requests?  Bequests (we are, after all, dealing with death)?

Eternally yours,


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