DC Steampunk Cemetery Potluck 2011 | Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington, DC

DC Steampunk has been an integral part of my life in the DMV.

Now, I may not have been to every single event EVAR, but hear me out. The first event I attended was a walk in the Botanical Gardents in July 2011, and this potluck was the second DC Steampunk event I attended. Numbers and sequence aside, what was important about this was how much of a gateway the event(s) were to other awesomeness in DC. The people I met at the first events I kept seeing, in same and other contexts, throughout my entire time in the DMV. DC really is a small town. Thank you, Lady Aelfwynn, for inviting me and encouraging me and even equipping me to attend these events!!!! Otherwise, I would have never had the courage to break out of the mould, meet new people, and go new places, to meet more new people and find an alternative community.

These pictures are from the 2011 cemetery potluck at Rock Creek Cemetery in DC.

DC Steampunk | Cemetery Spelunking

Clicky for pictures.

*Wipes tears of joy from face* Seriously. I love you all.


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