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On another bicycle ride to Hygiene Market and back, TC and I stopped on the other side of the road to see the other half of Brethren Church Cemetery.

Photos like this are why I love cemetery visits: “She is not dead/ but sleepeth.”

Brethren Church Cemetery II \ Cemetery Spelunking

Little Lizzie

Little Lizzie | Cemetery Spelunking

Lot of dead babies, Freemasons, and Oddfellows–typical of the cemeteries in Boulder County. Oh, and a miner:

miner | cemetery spelunking

The piece de resistance was this overgrown baby grave, with a tiny headstone and footstone near buried by this tree.

baby grave with tree | cemetery spelunkingSee the photoset for more.

The first cemetery we saw on this trip was not an actual cemetery. It was carnage from poachers on an isolated campground outside of Buena Vista, CO.

boneyard | cemetery spelunking

We continued onto Leadville that night instead of camping.

Rockies on the way to Leadville | cemetery spelunking

Two days later, we explored Elk Mountain Cemetery in Steamboat Springs: literally right off the main drag in Steamboat, with a great view.

Look West!

Steamboat Springs | Cemetery Spelunking Steamboat Springs | Cemetery Spelunking

It’s a page turner!

Steamboat Springs | Cemetery Spelunking Steamboat Springs | Cemetery Spelunking

Clicky for pictures.

When I learned that Colorado was home to a Hearse Convention, as a Colorado resident (one year!), I knew I had to check it out. The event promised Death, Dames, and Depravity, so why not attend?

Hearse Con 2015

Feast your eyes, taphophiles, on these professional cars! After all, these are the transports to bring bodies to our beloved cemeteries.

Dead W8 | Cemetery Spelunking

The third day of the event involved the “car show,” replete with hearse girls, bands, and fire dancing.

frightmare hearsecon2015 | cemetery spelunking

True to the the Hearse Club’s description of the event as not a place for gearheads, no one had their hearse’s hood up. All those V8 engines and no modifications? Can’t be true.

TC introduced me to Alex, owner of a hearse named Medusa’s Big Black Booty.

Hearse owner Alex | Cemetery Spelunking

The top speed of her hearse is 80 mph. No idea where that falls in the average top speeds of hearses. Nevertheless, as sportbike people, we care about these sorts of things.

Hearse merch:

hearse merch | cemetery spelunking

Hearse sightings around Denver area:

At Mad Max: Fury Road post-apocalyptic car contest and again at HearseCon:

mad max fury road | cemetery spelunkinghearsecon batwing hearse | cemetery spelunking

In the alley behind Milk Bar in Denver and again at HearseCon (even same dress!)

milk bar denver | cemetery spelunking hearse con steampunk dieselpunk | cemetery spelunking

The weird facial expression in the recent photo has a funny story behind it.

The event was graced by a rainbow.

rainbow on event | cemetery spelunkingLest we be riding soon in the back of a hearse due to mosquito-borne illness, we left before the entertainment shifted into high gear.

Clicky for the rest of my pictures.

In all of my cemetery spelunking, I haven’t been in a cemetery during a funeral or even a burial, partially because I go to cemeteries at “off” hours (no, not at night). I’ve only seen a hearse in action during the funeral for my cousins’ grandmother in 2011. Taking pictures to indulge my interests in the macabre there would have been just too gauche, so I’m glad I got to see some hearses up close at a happier time.

My husband’s stepfather’s family homesteaded 150 acres in Masonville, Colorado. Two uncles are buried on the property. We hiked up on the 24th just to tour the place and we camped 30-31 May.

My family came from late nineteenth-century immigrants on both sides, and my immigrant ancestors stayed mostly in cities or coal-mining towns. None were homesteaders. Being related, even through the technicalities of marriage, to someone in a cemetery I’ve visited is a first. To people in a private family plot on private property is a double first.

Masonville | Cemetery SpelunkingThe graves are barely older than me.

Masonville | Cemetery Spelunking Masonville | Cemetery Spelunking

Another Cemetery Spelunking first: pouring alcohol on a grave. In this case, Jack Daniels for Bobby and Smokey.

Masonville | Cemetery Spelunking Masonville | Cemetery Spelunking

TC repeated the ritual yesterday.

Masonville | Cemetery Spelunking

Also of interest on the property are the ruins of the cabin which burned down in a forest fire a few years ago.

Masonville | Cemetery Spelunking

Clicky for more pictures.

Good ol’ Niwot, a tiny town between Longmont and Boulder, has a cemetery that’s a state historical site.

Niwot Cemetery | cemetery spelunking


There are also a bunch of children from the 1890s who died in Niwot.

Niwot Cemetery | cemetery spelunking


Real Western graves

Niwot Cemetery | Cemetery Spelunking


Someone had planted a bunch of tulips around the cemetery at one point. They’ve spread thickly between the stones.

Niwot Cemetery | Cemetery Spelunking

Clicky for pictures.

TC and I went for a bike ride to the Hygiene Market, where all the bike tools stop for a drink and a bar. The market also makes all gluten-free treats, and if you know me from Gothic Granola, you know I love vegan and gluten-free treats. Finding a cemetery on the way was incidental but cool nonetheless. The Brethren Church is on the Colorado State Register of Historic Places.

Shell stone

Brethren Church Cemetery | Cemetery Spelunking



Brethren Church Cemetery | Cemetery Spelunking

Bantha bantha bantha


Brethren Church Cemetery | Cemetery Spelunking

Vegan & GF zucchini breadlet with walnuts and coconut


Brethren Church Cemetery | Cemetery Spelunking


Clicky for photoset.

This cemetery is on our nightly walking route (and right across the street from Walgreens) so it was easy to return and take another round of iPhone photos.

Things that go “bump” in the night

Longmont Cemetery II | Cemetery Spelunking

Possibly related to TC’s mother’s father? Wait, no, wrong last name.


Longmont Cemetery II | Cemetery Spelunking


Hover, undoubtedly the progenitors of the other main drag in Longmont

Longmont Cemetery II | Cemetery Spelunking


Sunset stone!


Longmont Cemetery II | Cemetery Spelunking


Clicky for the set.


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