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After staying the night at a friend’s house in Northeast DC, TC and I toured these three cemeteries across from each other on Suitland Road in Suitland, MD, just outside of DC.

Visiting large cemeteries on a sportbike is the way to go!


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This visit was the pinnacle of Gothiness. On a visit to Baltimore, my friend RtM and I just happened to park near Westminister Hall, where Edgar Allan Poe is entombed.


Ubergothness ensued.

If interested, RtM’s sweatshirt and other goodies

It seemed Greenmount Cemetery was never open for visitors. One fortuitous Saturday afternoon, Gentile and some other friends, and I managed to join a tour. We saw John Wilkes Booth’s grave and the final resting places of other Baltimore denizens.

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Greenmount Cemetery; Westminster Hall

Congressional Cemetery is supported by dog-walkers. It’s serious business. Friends organized this party in October. Cemetery spelunking is a social activity for Goths.

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Gothic Victorian Cemeter Picnic in Congressional Cemetery

Is this the Grace United Methodist Church cemetery? I don’t know. I was so excited when I moved to Gaithersburg that there was a cemetery within walking distance. Plus, I knew the roads because I knew how to get to the Rockville Cemetery.

On the particular walk in which I visited this cemetery, and 75 percent of my walks in Gaithersburg thereafter, I was honked, hooted, whistled, and hollered at. Men of Gaithersburg, grow up and get some class. I’m so glad I moved.

My phone was dying, otherwise I would have taken more pictures. This cemetery is unmarked on Google maps, but it’s right by The Golden Bull restaurant and the Exxon on MD 355/Frederick Ave.





Despite having moved home base to Gaithersburg by June, I got new friends scattered across the DMV. Omega Maverick and I met up in Alexandria because it was equidistant for us to convene. We examined these tombstones before making out in the cemetery and getting kicked out at dusk. How Goth.

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Mt Comfort Cemetery

It’s been a while, denizens of the cemeteries…but we always come crawling back.

This was an artist’s date after work one Saturday on which I had mid-shift. I walked to the cemetery from my aunt and uncle’s house and my phone died mid-visit (apropos). Visiting at sundown while an historical interpretation tour was going on was a first. Usually I’m alone in the graveyards during daylight. My Facebook/Instagram buddy TKV kept me accountable for making time for this artist’s date.

Click on my face for the slideshow.

Christ Church Episcopal Cemetery

Glad tidings for 2013, fellow taphophiles!

While I haven’t visited a cemetery in a few months, I finally resolved the photo-storage-hosting issues I’ve been having and learned a little html in the process. Now I can share the summer 2011-winter 2012 visits with y’all.

Ivy Hill Cemetery, Alexandria, VA

Ivy Hill Cemetery Visit (But No Visitation)

Princeton Graveyard, Princeton, NJ

Princeton Graveyard

Pluckemin Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Pluckemin, NJ

Pluckemin Presbyterian Church

Princessville Cemetery, Lawrenceville, NJ

Princessville Cemetery (Brearley House)

St. Mary’s Catholic Church Cemetery, Alexandria, VA

St. Mary's Cemetery

Blessings for the new year,
Q (Clicky for slideshow)


Warmest wishes for a blessed 2013!

No, dear readers, I have not forgotten about you.  Gone but not forgotten…that was a great web forum to see pics of other people trespassing in creepy abandoned buildings, navigating only by the light of their flashlights.  Artist Rob Dobi does that sort of work (and he also designs kickass t-shirts, such as the nail in the coffin shirt I wear when cemetery spelunking).

In July, I visited the Rockville Cemetery again and spent some time in the historic section.  The photos will eventually make it to this blog.

I bought a new domain name for my cooking/lifestyle blog, and it is now located at, no longer I post there twice a week.  Though I’ve officially moved to Virginia, I haven’t gotten back to my habits of exploring Alexandria-area cemeteries on weekends. Not that I want to do that right this minute, what with Hurricane Sandy and all!

Bright blessings,



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